Hello, Europaschule!


My name’s Sam and I’m going to be the English Language Assistant in Langerwehe until June 2018. I come from the UK, and was born in Cheltenham, a town in south west England which was originally famous for its spa waters, but now is better known nationally for its horse racing. I lived nearby until I was eighteen, when I moved to the Roman town of Exeter on the south west coast to go to University there.

Having graduated with a degree in maths with proficiency in German
in 2015, I then stayed in Exeter for two more years working with stu-
dent societies at the students’ union there. Before moving to Cologne in September, I’d visited Germany three times before, most recently with a week in Berlin in 2013, but this is my first time living abroad. Whilst in Germany I’m looking forward to exploring a new country and culture, getting to know lots of new people, and of course improving
my German!